Last Place.

This team SUCKS. First, I’d like to thank God for providing me with the stubborn nature to continue to flog myself year in and year out. Also, I’d like to thank the other teams within Mizzou 4th & Goal for allowing me to continue to donate to your fun little Fantasy Football Club. Finally, I’d like to thank the current commissioner, Ed, for again sending me my annual generous refund. This year it was a hefty $26 and for which I am grateful as is my family. Now that I’m a veteran of finishing last, I know that the email from Ed with the value of $26.00 does not imply $26.00 is OWED. Subsequently, I didn’t mail him $26.00 this year while he mailed me the same amount (refund). I think the year I did that was for about $36.00 or so.

See? I’m learning. Something. Again, thank you all and I hope you take 4 minutes to listen to my team song. This will play the moment I lose each year from now into perpetuity.



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